Baby Biorb Aquarium Standard LED 15 Ltr

Baby Biorb Aquarium Standard LED 15 Ltr

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Product Information: 

The Baby Biorb Aquariums are the smallest of the Reef One aquarium range still with the classic bowl shape in play yet with fantastic filtration and aeration. The 12 litre aquarium relies on three methods of filtration. The biological process of the Baby Biorb 15 litre aquarium uses ceramic media with a surface area the size of a football pitch which acts as a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria. Secondly mechanical process allows any excess dirt to be trapped in the unique filter cartridge, and finally the carbon process removes heavy metals and keeps your water crystal clear. the filter cartridge will need replacing every month to ensure your aquarium stays crystal clear.

The beautiful global design of the Baby Biorb 15 Litres has been integrated with a stunning LED lighting unit which provides your aquarium fish and plants with all of the lighting they need for natural health and developmental growth. It also gives the tank a remarkable, breathtaking allure - perfect for acting as a focal point during evenings whilst entertaining your guests.


Main Features:

- Beautiful spherical design

- Versatile size for traditional and modern interiors

- Volume, 15 Litres

- Weight When Full, 16 kg

- Baby Biorb 15l Aquarium

- 12V Standard LED Light

- 450g of Ceramic Media

- Air Stone

- Filter Cartridge

- 12v Transformer

- 12v Air Pump

- Water Conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria

- Instructions


Size Information:

Height 32cm, Width 30cm


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