Biorb Flow 15 Aquarium Standard Led 15ltr

Product Information: 

The stunning Biorb Flow 15 in black is a very special design and works incredibly well with all type of interior decor. The beautiful aquarium can be viewed from all three sides and works well as a divider on desks and any small space.

The Flow aquariums from Biorb come with a built-in LED light as standard, allowing you the chance to admire a lovely shimmer effect from the lighting. The innovative tank which holds up to 15 litres, comes with a filtration system ready to go.

The Biorb Flow 15 Black has been built to perfection. A practical and highly functional design with a contemporary edge. The tank has been developed from strong, durable materials with glass that allows you endless viewing pleasure without any undesirable glare from bright lights. The Biorb tank can be customized to your desire, using a selection of aquatic plants, fish and accessories, including ornamental pumps which add a touch of finesse. 


Main Features:

- Volume, 15 Litres

- Finish; Black

- Weight, 18kg

- Biorb Flow 15l Aquarium

- 12v LED Light

- 12v Transformer

- 900g Ceramic Media

- Air stone

- 12v Air pump

- Water Conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria

- Sample Fish Food

- Instructions

- Beautiful contemporary design

- Versatile for all types of interior designs and office desks

- Provides a stunning focal point

- Functional design with high quality, strong and durable materials


Size Information:

H315mm x W300mm x D208mm


£129.99 £94.99



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