Biorb Halo 60 LED Light & Automatic Moonlight 60ltr

Product Information: 

The BiOrb Halo 60 is a unique aquarium with a modern sleek design - perfect for any home or office. The cleverly designed lid conceals the beautiful LED lighting ring,  whilst also hiding the water line. The design of the innovative tank provides the hobbyist with a stunning 360° view of the aquarium, along eye-catching panoramic views of its superb lighting effects for a fantastic 3D appearance. The lighting also allows you to operate lighting conditions so that the unit switches to a calm moonlight setting when light levels drop automatically.

The BiOrb Halo 60 has an easy feeding hinged lid with a magnetic catch so you can be safe in the knowledge that the lid is securely closed. The non-slip feet ensure the Halo is secured onto any surface. The feet also conceal the airline for a modern sleek look.

In terms of filtration the BiOrb Halo 60 in grey still uses the original BiOrb filter which has proved its loyal functionality in so many of the BiOrb designs of the past. The filter promises three methods of filtration: First of all biological - using ceramic media with a surface area the size of a football pitch. It acts as a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria. Secondly mechanical - any excess dirt gets trapped in the unique filter cartridge providing instant water clarity results throughout the aquarium. Thirdly, the carbon filtration removes heavy metals and keeps your water crystal clear. The filter cartridge will need replacing every month to ensure your aquarium stays crystal clear.

The superb design of the BiOrb Halo 60 in grey offers a versatile style for any home or public room. The sleek and sophisticated selection of materials used to execute the design of the tank, provides a focal point whilst delivering reliability and ultimate functionality on a practical level.


Main Features:

- Volume, 60 Litres

- Finish: Grey or White

- Perfect for any home or office

- Innovative lid conceals the low wattage LED light ing unit and water line

- 360° viewing and panoramic 3D effect with light ring 

- Automatic moonlight setting

- Non-slip feet

- Easy feeding hinged lid with a magnetic catch

- Biological, mechanical and carbon filtration for crystal clear water conditions

- Versatile style

- Genuine BiOrb product

- Easy to set-up


Size Information:

56cm High x 50cm Diameter


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