Biorb Life 45 Aquarium Intelligent LED

Product Information: 

The Biorb Life 45 is like no other on the market with its high gloss curves and its compact design making it easy to find a place for this eye catching modern designed tank. The 45 litre aquarium is unique, dynamic and eye catching, having been designed in this smooth cornered rectangular case with 12v iLED lighting unit for a spectacular ambiance.

iLED lighting offers the most advanced tehcnology on the market. By replicating natural daylight with a gradual sunrise and sunset which subtly fades into moonlight, the lighting reduces stress within fish whilst offering a long lasting and low energy alternative to standard aquarium lighting.

The small and beautifully compact design envelops Biorb's three methods of filtration. The biological stage which uses ceramic media with a surface area the size of a football pitch to act as a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria. Secondly the mechanical stage allowing any excess dirt to get trapped inside the unique filter cartridge whilst finally the carbon (chemical stage) removes heavy metals and keeps your water crystal clear. The filter cartridge will need replacing every month to ensure your aquarium stays crystal clear and for the best results. 


Main Features:

- Size: 45 Litres

- Finish: Black, Red or White

- Unique three stage filtration process

- 12v iLED Light Unit

- 12v Transformer

- 900g Ceramic Media

- Air Stone

- Filter Cartridge

- 12v Air Pump

- Water Conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria

- Sample Fish Food

- Small and stylish design

- Modern, dynamic aesthetic


Size Information:

L38cm, W36cm H58cm


£349.99 £248.99



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