Canagan Dog Food Light Senior Free Run Chicken - Fairpet

Canagan Dog Food Light Senior Free Run Chicken

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Product Information:

Perfectly suited for older dogs or those that are overweight, Canagan Light / Senior dog food is low in fat and has a greatly reduced calorie content compared to other Canagan Free Run Chicken dog foods. In spite of this, this grain free dog food is still rich in protein and has been designed to provide pets with well-rounded nutrition and ample energy to keep themselves active. 

Main Features:

- Highly nutritious and easy to digest
- Helps to maintain effective immune system and thyroid
- Made with 60% animal ingredients and 40% botanical ingredients
- Specially developed blend to provide protein and energy
- Includes essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements
- Hypoallergenic - Free from grain, wheat, corn & barley
- Made for senior dogs or those that are overweight