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Canagan Dog Food Scottish Salmon

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Product Information:

Made with Scottish salmon, white fish, herring and trout, this grain-free dog food from Canagan has been put together using a hypoallergenic recipe that uses sweet potato, spinach, carrots and apples rather than rice or corn. This results in each meal having a radically lower level of carbohydrates than it otherwise would  and reduces the likelihood of dogs experiencing upset tummies. 

Main Features:

- Made using fresh fish and botanical ingredients 
- Easily digested and extremely palatable FairPetc
- Rich in essential minerals and vitamins
- Conditions the urinary tract 
- Supports the immune & digestive system 
- Promotes healthy thyroid function and metabolism
- 60% animal ingredients, 40% fruit, vegetable and herbs  
- Made using a hypoallergenic grain-free recipe