Carnilove Dog Food Large Breed Puppy Salmon & Turkey

Carnilove Dog Food Large Breed Puppy Salmon & Turkey is a Grain-free and Potato-free formula that is suitable for large breed puppies of all breeds.

Salmon is an excellent source of highly digestible proteins as well as omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which have a positive impact on mental development, the cardiovascular system, and metabolism (they reduce blood sugar levels).

It also positively affects the quality and appearance of hair and skin. Turkey is rich in digestible proteins and has high levels of trace elements, such as zinc, and also contains vitamins B 3 and B 6, which are critical for proper brain function, good muscle tone, and healthy growth.

CARNILOVE Salmon & Turkey Large Breed Puppy contains 70% Wild-origin meats and 30% Forest fruits, veggies and berries.

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