Petmate Vari Kennel IATA Flight Approved Airline Travel Large

Petmate Vari Kennel IATA Flight Approved Airline Travel

Crate your furry family member in the Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel. This plastic dog crate is ideal for transporting, crating and crate training your pet. Durable materials and solid construction make it a long-lasting accessory in your home.

Meets USDA & IATA requirements for shipping live animals. Durable construction with reinforced sidewalls. Easy-open squeeze latch. Assembles in minutes, no tools required. Vents on back & side walls. Interior moat keeps pets dry.

  • Comes with a live animal sticker, a pet ID sticker and a water cup
  • Vents on back and side walls for airflow and ventilation
  • Tie-down strap holes molded in around the edges for zip-tie installation
  • Vari kennel can be used to fly with pets check your airlines pet travel policies

Small: 53x40x38cm

Medium: 71x52x54cm

Large: 91x63x68cm

Intermediate: 81x57x62cm

Extra Large: 101x68x76cm

Giant: 122x81x89cm

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